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With police brutality running amok in Brazil like it was an almost perverted form of art in itself, artists/illustrators Gabriel Morais, Renato Botelho and Bruno Pereira have created nine posters inspired by the Kama Sutra for people to download, print and mount whereever there’s room. The hope is to raise awareness and debate, pushing Brazilian politicians to adopt a new mind set about the rights of civilians, and civilians to realize they can expect more from their government.

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Yes, despite losing more followers than I’m receiving notes with these pictures, here they are yet again.

I’ve been asked (“asked” is the polite way to put it, more like statements) by two people now (anonymous, go figure) if these pictures aren’t just traces of photos. 

The short answer is quite frankly: No, they are not. These paintings were traces, of sorts, if you disregard the many changes I made to the men in pictures, so it’s not as if I’d be embarrassed being “caught” tracing photos.

Here’s the long answer:

They started by being drawings with excessive amounts of ink in them. I was unsatisfied with them, as I wanted a negative space for the person in the drawings to wander about in. Black and white images don’t allow much play or variation with clean, negative space when the options are just those two colors. I didn’t want to paint them either, so I chose to work it out on my computer. Photoshop was sort of a challenge to me, as I’m not super-duper trained or experienced with it, unlike with painting on canvas which I find a little tedious now, since the challenge has gone. I’m absolutely the most happy in my life, when there’s something (of my choice, of course) to overcome and learn from. (For instance, I didn’t become a cook, because there was a bright future in cooking, but rather because I deep down just wanted to learn to make sublime meals .. the minute the learning stopped, I lost interest).

I basically approached it like I do with paintings on canvas, as it’s the only way I know how. A good friend lend me his body for poses, so I could see how shadows and colors would work, but I stripped him of few pounds and muscles, made his body look older and gave him a more collapsed sort of posture (aaaand imagined what sort of business was happening underneath his underwear - we are not THAT good friends).

The face I just based on my own, as that was the easiest (a simple mirror was used), and I pulled the hairline waaay back, gave him more saggy eyes and loads of grey in his skin, so he more closely would resemble my memories of how the he looked, but hoping to still present a sort of anybody-kind of guy in his late 30s.

The funny thing (if you will) about using my own face on him, was how it (to myself) distilled the idea a darkness that gets inside you via violence, or abuse, or any variation thereof, and lingers in you as a lifetime of addiction, or depressions or any other way people react to abuse in their childhood. The central idea of the project was to see my villain in life being swallowed up by the exact same darkness he created. But by sticking my face on him,  this series of pictures not only ended up describing a vengefulness, a wish fulfillment of revenge, but to a very large extend also describing precisely what abuse does to a person. It’s easy for me to see the black pit, introduced by people one should have been able to trust, as a depression that one drags around, a permanent trench one is stuck in while the rest of the world is on ground level. 

Part 2 can be found here.

The abused returns the favor.

Trigger Warning.

Part one can be found here.

Trigger Warning.

This is where it started. Tomorrow I’ll show you where it ended.

Théo Mercier - The Loner
Musée d’art moderne de la ville de Paris

(English subtitles)

Take the time and watch this little pearl of a short film.



Choi Xooang

Great things are coming from South Korea these days.

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Thanks anon. I’m always glad to get non abusive Tumblr mail.
Yes, I’m alive and well, but busy. Not really in the mood for the Tumblr Lifestyle (probably?).

Lump (picture) reblogged, as it fits perfectly to this update. My husband is now in one of those HIV vaccine-drug experiments that has seen a lot of Tumblr mentions (the one that may cure HIV one day).
And I’m like: “Shit I don’t want you to do that. You could get so dangerously ill”, but he’s like: “I gotta do it. Otherwise this will one day kill me, and it will be for nothing. Now I’ll at least make a difference for somebody else”.

So yeah. Love/hate, getting over my own selfish needs, seeing the big picture.

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Excerpts from Revenge Fantasy Series: “From Mars With Love”.
Ink. 100 x 130cm. Color added with digital “water color”.

Full picture here

It’s a Grace Jones Friday, because what else kind of sorry plans did you have? Besides who can resist the queer qualities of Grace Jones?

Photography by Jean Paul Goude (minus the last one from an Olympus advert, 1987).

An Interview With Kevin Townsend – We Run Ourselves Aground

"Can Art change the World; has it really got the power to make a difference? This is a question that could boggle and fluster so many artists from their usual calm and collected state. Boston based artist and teacher Kevin Townsend, however, seemed to have the perfect answer when I broached this topic as part of an interview" […]

A great interview with my favorite breaking-out Tumblr artist. (Seriously, follow him already).


found orphaned (uncredited) on my dashboard: detail of one of my drawings— ORIGINAL POST

God damn people! Give credit every time!


found orphaned (uncredited) on my dashboard: detail of one of my drawings— ORIGINAL POST

God damn people! Give credit every time!

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Excerpts from Revenge Series: “Neptune”. 60 x 130cm. Color added with digital “water color”.